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High Leverage Practices and Students with Extensive Support Needs

High Leverage Practices and Students with Extensive Support Needs
Robert Pennington
Melinda Jones Ault
Ginevra Courtade
J. Matt Jameson
Andrea Ruppar
Year published:
Council for Exceptional Children, Routledge
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Building on the formative work of High Leverage Practices (HLP) for Inclusive Classrooms, this critical companion explores how HLP can be applied to the education of students with extensive support needs (ESN). Each chapter walks readers through a different HLP, exploring its implications for students with ESN and aligning it with current practice, supports, and terminology. Edited by researchers and teacher educators with decades of experience in serving students with ESN and their teachers, this book is packed with rich examples of and detailed supports for implementing HLPs to ensure every student has access to all aspects of their school community.


  1. Collaborate with Colleagues to Increase Student Success  
  2. Leading Effective Meetings with Professionals and Families  
  3. Collaborate with Families to Support Student Learning and Needed Services  
  4. Using Multiple Sources of Information to Develop a Comprehensive Understanding of a Student’s Strengths and Needs  
  5. Interpreting and Communicating Assessment Information with Stakeholders to Collaboratively Design and Implement Educational Programs  
  6. Using Student Assessment Data, Analyzing Instructional Packages, and Making Necessary Adjustments that Improve Student Outcomes  
  7. Consistent, Organized, and Respectful Learning Environment 
  8. Using Feedback to Improve Student Outcomes 
  9. Teaching Social Skills  
  10. Conducting Functional Behavior Assessment to Develop Individualized Behavior Support Plans  
  11. Identify and Prioritize Long- and Short-term Learning Goals  
  12. Systematically Design Instruction toward a Specific Learning Goal 
  13. Adapt Curriculum Tasks and Materials for Specific Learning Goals  
  14. Teaching Cognitive and Meta Cognitive Strategies to Support Learning and Independence  
  15. Providing Scaffolded Supports  
  16. Providing Intensive Instruction and Using Explicit Instruction  
  17. Using Flexible Grouping  
  18. Use Strategies to Promote Active Engagement  
  19. Use Assistive and Instructional Technologies  
  20. Teach Students to Maintain and Generalize New Learning Across Time and Settings  
  21. Providing Positive and Corrective Feedback


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