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Bridging the Gap Between Arithmetic & Algebra

Bridging the Gap

Author(s): Bradley S. Witzel

Year published: 2014

Publisher: CEC

Number of pages: 200

Product Number: P6171

ISBN Number: 978-0-86586-508-2

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Although two federal panels have concluded that all students can learn mathematics and most can succeed through Algebra 2, the abstractness of algebra and missing precursor understandings may be overwhelming to many students … and their teachers. Bridging the Gap Between Arithmetic & Algebra responds to this need for instruction and interventions that go beyond typical math lesson plans. Providing a review of evidence-based practices, this book is an essential reference for mathematics teachers and special education teachers when teaching mathematics to students who struggle with the critical concepts and skills necessary for success in algebra.

  • Chapter 1: Students With Math Difficulties and the Arithmetic to Algebra Gap
  • Chapter 2: Building to Algebra: Big Ideas, Barriers, and Effective Practices
  • Chapter 3: Core Algebra Instruction
  • Chapter 4: Progressions That Lead to Algebraic Success
  • Chapter 5: Computations in the Age of Machines
  • Chapter 6: Fractions as a Stepping Stone
  • Chapter 7: Mathematical Problem-Solving
  • Chapter 8: Monitoring Student Progress to Determine Instructional Effectiveness
  • Chapter 9: Intensifying Instruction and Interventions Within Multitiered Systems of Support
  • Chapter 10: Access to Algebra for Students With Moderate and Sever Developmental Disabilities 


Bradley S. Witzel


Bradley S. Witzelm 


Bradley Witzel, Ph.D., is an award winning teacher and researcher who works as a full professor and program director of the MEd in Intervention at Winthrop University, the flagship education college for the state of South Carolina. As a classroom teacher he worked in multiple settings teaching mainly math and science to high achieving students with disabilities and at-risk concerns. Dr. Witzel has authored dozens of research and practitioner articles as well as several books, including the recently published Teaching Elementary Mathematics to Struggling Learners through Guilford Press and the bestselling RtI in Math and Building Number Sense through Corwin Press. A popular professional developer, he works with many districts and state departments delivering hundreds of workshops, conference, and video presentations. He is a Governing Board Member of the Southeast Regional Educational Laboratory (REL), funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), and a member of multiple state level MTSS and RtI governing boards. Dr. Witzel serves as the editor of Focus on Inclusive Education through the Association of Childhood Education International (ACEI) and recently served as an author/panelist on the IES practice guide Assisting Students Struggling with Mathematics and as an invited reviewer of the final report from the National Mathematics Advisory Panel. Most importantly, he is a father of two, husband of an educator, and son of two educators.


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