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Hello Feelings by Slumberkins

Hello Feelings by Slumberkins
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915 Boadway Street Suite 300 
Vancouver, Wa 98660 
United States

Hello Feelings by Slumberkins was created for educators by educators. 

Emotional learning is vital to children's academic success and personal development, and Slumberkins' books, creatures, and standards-aligned curriculum offer tangible tools for integrating emotional learning into a teacher's classroom community. 

Slumberkins supports foundational social-emotional skills through therapeutic and engaging learning that integrates the experience of therapists, educators, and experts in the field. 

The Hello Feelings curriculum offers comprehensive, standards-aligned lessons at your fingertips and was created through a trauma-informed lens, grounded in evidence-based best practices. 

The Slumberkins tools and resources encourage honoring, trusting, and welcoming emotions and support building lifelong emotional regulation skills.

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Learn alongside your favorite Slumberkins friends and empower children with lifelong emotional literacy skills. This comprehensive program was designed and curated by teachers and therapists to be an easy yet powerful tool for emotional regulation and feeling identification.


With this curriculum set, children will learn to:

  • Name, notice, and welcome their feelings
  • Practice self-awareness and emotion regulation strategies
  • Learn and apply social communication skills
  • Develop positive relationship skills in practice with others 
  • Build connections within their classroom community


  • 20 Unit Plans
  • Trauma-Informed Lens
  • Research-Based Best Practices
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Hands-on Learning Activities
  • Learn Through Music and Movement

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With our Classroom Intervention Pack, you'll find a perfect blend of materials to enhance classroom instruction for all students. It also offers targeted support to those who benefit from assistance in navigating daily challenges, big feelings, problem-solving, and meeting classroom expectations. Empower your students with practical coping skills, problem-solving techniques, and effective strategies for emotional regulation and smooth transitions. These tools help teachers create an inclusive and supportive learning environment that allows all students to thrive with engaging lessons and activities from the Mindfulness, Stress-Relief, and Change Unit plans.


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It's called Gold Star for a reason


This all-encompassing package excels in bringing emotional learning to a large group of students with enriching stories, engaging activities, and visual tools that help children explore a world of feelings.

  • All 15 Kins
  • All 15 Big Books
  • 1 Year License to Curriculum Hub
  • Visual Schedule
  • Caring Crew Poster Set
  • Confidence Crew Poster Set
  • Resilience Crew Poster Set
  • How to Bee Helpful Pillow Set
  • The Confidence Within Pillow Set
  • Weathering the Storm Pillow Set
  • The Feels Pillow Set
  • Creatures Full of Feelings Card Game
  • Intro Board Book Set

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The Flexible Learner Pack provides educators with a specially designed set of resources to foster a growth mindset, self-acceptance, and creativity in their students. Through engaging lessons and activities, students will learn to embrace challenges, accept themselves, and develop their creative potential. The pack encourages students to approach learning with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.


Creatures and Big Books:

  • Narwhal Plush & Narwhal Uses Teamwork Big Book
  • Yak Plush & Yak Struggles With Mistakes Big Book
  • Dragon Plush & Dragon Dreams and Creates Big Book

Digital Unit Plans:

  • Growth Mindset with Narwhal 
  • Self-Acceptance with Yak 
  • Creativity with Dragon

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The Confidence Pack empowers educators to promote a positive and supportive classroom environment that nurtures self-esteem, encourages authenticity, and fosters genuine friendships. By integrating the unit plans, students will develop essential life skills, including coping with big feelings, showing up with bravery, and accepting themselves and others. This pack aims to instill a sense of confidence in students, supporting their social-emotional well-being and personal growth.


Creatures and Big Books:

  • Bigfoot Plush & Bigfoot Copes with Hurt Feelings Big Book
  • Unicorn Plush & Unicorn Dares To Be Unique Big Book

Digital Unit Plans:

  • Self-Esteem with Bigfoot
  • Authenticity with Unicorn

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Why choose when you don't have to? All the Kins Educator Set includes all 15 core-line kins, their coordinating Big Book, and affirmation cards.


Big Books Include:

  • Alpaca Hold Your Worries 
  • Bigfoot Copes With Hurt Feelings 
  • Dragon Dreams and Creates 
  • Fox, Your Love Stays the Same 
  • Hammerhead's Recess Challenge 
  • Honey Bear, Gifts of Nature 
  • Ibex Feels Deeply 
  • Lynx Sets Boundaries 
  • Narwhal Uses Teamwork 
  • Otter's Community Grows 
  • Sloth's First Day of School 
  • Sprite Offers Comfort 
  • Unicorn Dares To Be Unique 
  • Yak Struggles With Mistakes 
  • Yeti Focuses On Her Senses

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The combined benefits of these unit plans, along with the stories, provide a comprehensive approach to creating a secure, connected, and emotionally regulated classroom environment. Students understand and build meaningful routines, create strong classroom connections, and develop conflict resolution skills, ultimately enhancing their overall learning experience and social-emotional well-being.


Creatures and Big Books:

  • Sloth Plush & Sloth’s First Day of School Big Book
  • Otter Plush & Otter's Community Grows Big Book
  • Hammerhead Plush & Hammerhead's Recess Challenge Big Book

Digital Unit Plans:

  • Routines with Sloth
  • Building Connections with Otter
  • Conflict Resolution with Hammerhead

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Explore all that Slumberkins has to offer students with its Scope and Sequence. You will find lesson objectives, standard-alignments, and an overview of the importance of each Unit within the world of Slumberkins!


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Learn alongside your favorite Slumberkins friends and empower children with lifelong emotional literacy skills. This comprehensive program was designed and curated by teachers and therapists to be an easy yet powerful tool for emotional regulation and feeling identification.


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Dear Future World,

I’ve been thinking about you a lot.

And I know you’re going to be amazing.

More caring and kind.

Big and open and fair.

Like a big family.

Where things may change, but they’ll make us even stronger.

Where we might get down sometimes, but we always get back up.

A place full of love,

Where there’s always room to be me.

And a chance to be there for each other.

That’s a lot, Future World.

But I know we can do it.

Because Together, We Shine.




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Enjoy your favorite Slumberkins Creatures for the perfect brain break while connecting more to each emotional theme!


Slumberkins teamed up with executive producer, Emmy-nominated, platinum-selling Indie-pop artist Ingrid Michaelson, on seven powerful songs that promote emotional wellness for families and children.


Together We Shine, Vol. 1 features talented musical artists A Great Big World, Rachel Platten, Trevor Hall, Britnee Kellogg, AHI, MOsley WOtta, as well as Ingrid Michaelson, and each song is inspired by the Slumberkins books and creatures whose lessons empower children to be caring, confident, and resilient.


Learn more at and get the album here:


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