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Purchase Order Uploads

This portal is for uploading  purchase orders and supporting documentation only. CEC accepts purchase orders from most schools, districts, universities, non-profits and government agencies in the United States and Canada. You may create or renew memberships, purchase publications and professional development programs/courses on behalf of other individuals and combine orders into a single purchase. Please allow 3-5 business days to process your request.

How do I submit a purchase order?

All purchase orders must be submitted using the Purchase Order Uploads portal. Please note these requirements for all membership purchase orders submitted:

  • Agency or Organizational Name and Billing Information
  • Billing Contact Name and Information
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Date of Issuance
  • Approved Amount
  • Product Type
    • CEC Membership
    • Publication Orders
    • Professional Development Programs and/or Courses
  • Any Supporting Documents

To place an order for a publication, please contact CEC Member Services at 1-888-232-7733 (Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern. Closed on federal holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – please include all registration and/or renewal form(s) with your upload(s). Without these documents, we may not be able to complete your transaction in a timely manner. For additional information, please contact CEC Member Services. 

Yes, we gladly accept purchase orders for individual membership. Please ensure you have included all the relevant information (above) before submitting your document(s).

 For new members, yes – this is required to setup your profile in our system. For existing/renewing members – no, but please include identifying information so we can credit your membership correctly. For additional questions, see CEC Member Services. 

Each organization has their own policies and procedures. Please contact your organization’s accounting office to learn more.

Please click here to be directed to the self-service portal to create your individual membership quote.

Yes, we gladly accept purchase orders for group membership. Please ensure you have included all the relevant information (above) as well as your members’ data before submitting your document(s).



Please contact us at to request a quote. Please be sure to review our offerings and indicate which membership level and how many members will be included in your quote.

CEC accepts purchase orders from Canadian organizations only. All other international members will need to submit their information using a US-based payment method. For more information, contact CEC Member Services.

Please ensure your purchase order includes the required information (above). Failure to include all the required information may result in a delay processing your membership. All incomplete purchase orders will be returned to the sender for correction and/or additional advisement.

Last Updated:  24 September, 2021

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